This is a twine game about retail work. I gathered stories from retail workers and added some personal experiences. You play as the retail worker in a series of scenarios based on the real experiences of retail workers. You decide how to react to each situation and discover what your actions cause.

The game runs in browser and is completely free, donations are optional at the bottom of the page. All you need is a touch screen or a mouse to play.

This game was made for the "My First Game Jam" jam in early 2016.

Any and all feedback is welcome so feel free to contact me and tell me about your experience with the game. :>

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Published1 year ago
AuthorJacob Gooch
TagsStory Rich, text-based, Twine
Player countSingleplayer


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I'm still not used to, but I think I rated and reviewed this already. But I gotta say that this is one of the few Twine games that I've played till the end and will try to play again in the future. It is a slice-of-life twine game that follows the life of a retail worker. The writing is clean cut and with a good tone, meaning it doesn't become a satire but the writing isn't serious to the point where this feels impersonal. I've never worked in retail but heard the horror stories. So this is a creative way of utilizing the twine engine, basing it on a choice based story, instead of a hypertext story.

Glad you liked it :D